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LEDGERSYNC API is an enterprise level API allowing the management of financial data in the cloud using advanced account aggregation technology. Ledgersync creates effortless communication with your client's financial accounts giving you a full 360-degree picture of their investments, banks, credit cards, and more! Visit our FAQ page.

Complete • Convenient • Secure.


Gain insight with a complete financial picture of your client’s accounts.


Automate your day to day operations and begin focusing on increasing your revenue.


Stay up to date and remain competitive by using our account aggregation technology to drive more sales.


Be confident in your security! Employ a level of protection trusted by banks with data encryption.

Account Verification
& Insights


LEDGERSYNC API allows you to instantly verify your customers’ banking account information. This can be used to permit access, initiate transfers, and give insights for borrower requests.

Credentials Verification

Account/Routing Number & Balance

Accounts Verification

Bank Account Types & User Addresses

Verification of Income

Current & Future Income Estimations

Assets Verification

Bank Institution Validated Assessments

Data Security

We have gone to tremendous
lengths to guarantee the safety
of our valued customers.

Security Features

  • Control if and when passwords will be stored
  • Encryption key is the password, stored in memory
  • Role-based access (admin, client, developer, & user)
  • Password complexity & strength
    (min. 4 letters, 4 numbers, 1 symbol; case sensitive)
  • Password history (Last 6 passwords are unavailable)
  • Password Expiration (Automatically in 90 day periods)
  • IP access origin can be restricted by customer
  • Read-only access to financial institutions
  • Detail access, log, and exception handling
  • Security events notification
  • HTTPS: secure communications over network
  • Same-origin policy
  • Session IDs randomly generated, using non-
    repeating 7.9E+28 combinations
  • Session expiration
  • Stored backups in separate physical location
  • No SQL injections: utilizing bind variables

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