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Ledgersync and Citrix ShareFile Now Sync Daily


You have asked and now are delivering!  All your client’s financial documents can now be directly deposited into Citrix ShareFile. Today, Ledgersync announced its integration with Citrix ShareFile, a leading provider of secure file sharing solutions for accountants and bookkeepers.

Ledgersync’s integration with Citrix ShareFile means that everyday your client’s Transactions, Check Images, Balance Info, PDF Statements, & Deposit Slips will now be synced and visible within a structured ShareFile Folder.

If you’re still chasing down clients for their check images & bank statements, don’t you think its about time to try the Citrix ShareFile Integration with Ledgersync?  With Ledgersync Bookkeepers and Accountants can access all of their clients financial transactions directly from their computer desktop.


Life just got a little bit simpler!

  • All Ledgersync data is now synced to ShareFile in an organized folder structure
  • Take advantage of ShareFile’s Security and Document Management Capability
  • Need to review historical statements or checks? It’s all in ShareFile
  • Take advantage of automated daily account feed backups
  • Sync with ShareFile on the go and access client data anywhere!
  • Feel secure that your data is backed up.
  • Bank/Credit Card statements, Check images and Deposit slips are automatically delivered to a Citrix ShareFile account, filed in the correct folder and named appropriately


How does it work? It’s really simple.

  • Accountants invite their clients to set up a Ledgersync Account.
  • Clients or CPA’s will sync up their client’s data to Ledgersync.
  • The system automatically fetches bank and credit card statements
  • Ledgersync syncs those documents to Citrix ShareFile as they become available.


“Ledgersync is all about trying to bring down the month end close to a few minutes, with Citrix ShareFile we have taken one step towards that goal,” Maurice Berdugo CEO of Ledgersync.  “With the Citrix ShareFile integration, a CPA’s client’s data is synced, organized and stored in a safe folder structure avoiding extensive downloading and storing on local computers, it’s now all in the cloud.”


How does Ledgersync Keep me organized?

Ledgersync will create a structured files system within your ShareFile account:



How Do I Connect My ShareFile Account to Ledgersync?

It only takes 30 Seconds!

  1. Click on the “Cloud Storage” icon on your Ledgersync Homepage
  2. Click on the “Add ShareFile” text on the left hand side
  3. Click on “ShareFile Authorization link” to go to ShareFile
  4. Copy and Paste the ShareFile Authorization Key to Ledgersync
  5. Click “Save”

**Please note this feature is only available for Gold plans and above.


If you are existing user of Citrix ShareFile but not Ledgersync, call our support team at +1 (877) 415-3152 to set up a demonstration or sign up for Ledgersync at https://ledgersync.com/ or contact support@r8u.501.godaddywp.com

LedgerSync Accounting
LedgerSync Accounting
Ledgersync is a Los Angeles based company that provides proprietary software reshaping the bookkeeping industry. Ledgersync has an off the shelf product for CPAs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers as well as an easy to set up API for any financial service looking to access client financial data.
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