Reaching New Heights

Manage Financial Data In The Cloud

Rock Solid Data Security

Secure Password Encryption – Ledgersync API has gone to tremendous lengths and development to avoid any security breaches
256 bits Data Encryption Extremely difficult to identify password
3 Fail Lockout Policy (i.e. when the user enters the password 3x incorrectly)
Complex length and character password requirements + 90 day expiration
Continuously adding layers of security upon increasing product development


Application security implementations:

– Users control if/when account passwords are saved.

– Passwords encrypted using AES 256.

– Encryption key is the user’s password and stored in memory, not persisted.

– Role-based access (administrator, customer, developer and user).

– Password complexity and strength (minimum  of 4 letters, 4 numbers and 1 symbol, case sensitive).

– Password history (cannot use the past 6).

– Password expiration (expires every 90 days).

– IP access origin can be restricted by customer.

– Read-only access to financial institutions.

– Detail access, log and exception handling.

– Security events notification.


– Same-origin policy.

– Session ID randomically generated, non-repeating, 7.9E+28 combinations.

– Session expiration.

– Data backups stored in a separated physical location.

– No SQL injection possible, all parameters passed via “binding”.


At Ledgersync Api, your trust means everything to us. That’s why we respect your privacy and will never sell any of your data to anyone…ever!