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API Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please contact us to get started with the Ledgersync API.


1What is the Ledgersync API?

Welcome to the Ledgersync API

Ledgersync offers an API that allows you to gain a full financial picture of your client’s bank, credit card, investment, and other financial accounts. Our secure servers will allow you to import your client’s information automatically, every time a new posting is made. In addition, our API can do the following:

  • Auth | Account Authentications Services
  • Transactions | Transaction & Account Data
  • Income | Income Verification & Validation
  • Identity | Verify Identities by name, phone number, email, address, etc
  • Balance | Real-time Balance History

Each one of our products can be accessed through a single API integration, enabling you to build customized solutions suitable for your business needs. You can find additional detail about our products in our API guide.

2How can I get started?

To get started with Ledgersync API please contact us for pricing details. Because of the many factors involved in our technology, we do need to price out each project based on volume, data needs, etc. Contact Us to find out more information!

3How many banks does Ledgersync support?

Ledgersync uses a variety of custom technologies, partnerships, and data feeds to provide coverage across a plethora of financial institutions. We have built direct connections for the highest volume financial institutions to ensure simplicity and convenience where it matters most. With the ledgersync API you can Connect, Balance, and Income offer coverage across thousands of financial institutions at once. We support account authentication via Auth for many of the top banks in the U.S. Please reach out through our contact page for more details.

4What type of information does Ledgersync provide via Transactions?

The Transactions endpoint returns data elements including current and available balance, and the name of the user’s bank account. If there’s something else you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you. Share your feedback and get answers to any additional questions you have about our products and your data needs by contacting our team. The services are accessed via API calls HTTP(S) using GET or POST, the returned data format can be in: XML & JSON.

5How often does Ledgersync pull transaction data?

Ledgersync pulls transaction data about every 6 hours. Whenever new data is ready, it will be automatically imported into your client dashboard.

6Does Ledgersync support business bank accounts?

Yes, Ledgersync supports both consumer and business bank accounts.

7How do I integrate with the Ledgersync API?

Head over to our sandbox page and learn about setting up the ledgersync API.

8Where can I learn more about Ledgersync security?

We take security very seriously. Learn more about our security practices on our API page.

  • Passwords encrypted using AES 256.
  • Encryption key is the user’s password and stored in memory, not persisted.
  • Role-based access (administrator, customer, developer and user).
  • Password history (cannot use the past 6).
  • Password expiration (expires every 90 days).
  • IP access origin can be restricted by customer.
  • Read-only access to financial institutions.
  • Detail access, log and exception handling.
  • Security events notification.
  • Same-origin policy.
  • Session ID randomically generated, non-repeating, 7.9E+28 combinations.
  • Session expiration.
  • Data backups stored in a separated physical location.
  • No SQL injection possible, all parameters passed via “binding”.
  • 3 Fail Lockout Policy (i.e. when the user enters the password 3x incorrectly)
9Why chose ledgersync?

All Your Client’s Financial Transactions and checks can be accessed with the click of a button. Verify accounts, view balances and transactions history, verify income and identity all with the Ledgersync API.

10How can I reach your customer service?

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions via chat right from the website, email, and phone.

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