Our Company:

Ledgersync.com is a Los Angeles based company that solves a much needed, ongoing problem fir Accountants and Bookkeepers.
How to Access Client information securely and easily.
Ledgersync developed a proprietary bank feed software solution that connects and accesses ALL the key information required to do monthly write up/bookkeeping work

Our Vision:

* Zero Data entry!
* Zero hasseling clients for their bank information
* Zero guess work when categorizing checks

Management Team:

Maurice Berdugo

Founder & CEO

Maurice Berdugo graduated Johns Hopkins University with an MBA in Finance. Prior to starting Ledgersync, Maurice worked at Senior Management levels for Flextronics and Leiner Health.
Maurice is a passionate entrepreneur eager and loves every working day! This is Maurice’s second start up company.

Andre Pereira


Andre Pereira graduated from University- UIRAPURU/ IBTA and holds and Masters in Electrical Engineering and Machine Learning. Prior to working at Ledgersync held senior development developer positions at Itau, Barclays and Flextronics. Andre, has put a formidable development team and oversees all development.

Matthew Fulton

VP of Operations

Matthew Fulton graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in accounting. Prior to working at Ledgersync, Matthew held both CFO and CEO positions consecutively at Parkway Business Solutions, With 20 years of senior business management and workflow optimization experience, Matthew is determined to drive organizational efficiency and excellence within the companies he serves.